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Are you a Voiceless Consumer, Have you been done wrong by your Bank and or your Credit Card Company? Do you feel having fallen Victim to unjust, unreasonable Credit fees, has your Credit Card Company charged you for unauthorized fees such as Credit Life Insurance without your Knowledge? If So we would like to hear from you. You can contact me directly via a voice call and or email, I have comprehensive knowledge of this unjust fraudulent self-serving act by Banks & Credit Card companies, this is a total rip off of the Voiceless Consumer for years and I am out to stop it once and for all.
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Your Bill of Rights & Consumer Protection 

Consumer Bill of Rights


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Consumer protection and rights are 
designed to prevent businesses that engage in fraudulent and or unfair practices from gaining an unjust advantage over their competitors. This advantage is mostly monitory and typically at the expense of the consumer, that is You!

Many banks engage in predatory business practices and consequently are flushed with large sums of cash due to unnecessary and unauthorized fees at Your Expense; The Consumer.


There are State and Federal laws that are designed to provide additional protection for those of us that are most vulnerable in society, the new immigrant, the young college student with minimal means, the single parent family willing to pay 29.99% interest trying to make ends meet!

Most of the laws are Federally governed this means that we could represent you on National Basis without restrictions, you will benefit from our experience and competence.  

Many cases stem out of business greed, merchants that believe they know better, that they are infallible. The greed shows up as inferior off shore products being sold as the genuine original article, unregulated imported food being past on and sold as Organic and many more horrific acts continues because the consumer has lost its voice!

If you feel that you are the Voiceless Consumer, you have been lied to, you have been assessed unreasonable, unjust and unauthorized fees by your bank, your car dealer, the grocer, that upscale boutique, the national chain or even your local merchant we want to hear from you. 
Are you silent because of the sheer size of these conglomerates, perhaps you would realize that State and Federal governments have extensive laws to shield you against predatory practices. The Law offices of Farrah Mirabel brings forth years of expertise in this area, do not fear the size of your opponents, You have our law firm and the laws of the land offering you protection and relief.

It is imperative that you diligently act and pursue such offenses as you face strict Statues of Limitation, most of these cases will be argued at the federal courts, hence time is of the essence. For a confidential and no obligation consultation call us at 800-786-0707. Please note that there are no fees unless we are able to recover for you. We are able, willing and ready to take on your tough case and will fight for you and will not rest until you have received fair and just compensation for your injuries.